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All packages include a $199 setup fee. 

You will not be billed anything until you hire your first agent.

123Employee allows you to choose your employee(s). You give us a job description and we match you up with the appropriate candidates with the skill level, education and experience you desire. The possibilities are endless.

Each dedicated employee will have:

  • Local US number in ANY area code
  • Full PBX features including Call Transfer
  • Unlimited incoming/outgoing calls
  • Latest PC with Office Software
  • high speed internet connection
  • Support of American management on site

Getting Started

We have made getting started as risk free as possible. You won't pay us ANYTHING upfront, this means you will have a chance to interview potential applicants, so you know what you will be getting before committing your financial resources.

Our HR department will call you the same or next day to review your requirements and coordinate interviews.

With 123Employee a Dedicated Employee is NOT all you get.

With 123Employee, what you see is not just what you get; we provide the infrastructure and a whole host of services to your dedicated employee that if you had to pay for in the US would cost more than the $6 an hour you pay us. If you add up all the costs of having an employee in addition to their salary, in most cases it easily adds an extra $5-$10 an hour, if you consider this, it's like you are getting a FREE employee.

  • The IT Guy to keep everything running and virus free for your dedicated employee.
  • The HR staff to find and retain your dedicated employee.
  • The supervisor to make sure your dedicated employee is on-time and on task.
  • The Payroll clerk to calculate and pay your dedicated employee.
  • The space your dedicated employee works in, including cubicle, chair,etc.
  • Enterprise grade telephone from a Tier 1 vendor with Headset.
  • A dedicated phone line with unlimited incoming/outgoing calls.
  • We provide the Janitor to clean up after your dedicated employee.
  • The paper, ink, office supplies, cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies and a whole lot more...

Add this all up and you are getting 1000's of dollars worth of built in value.

123Employee - The Number One, Virtual Assistant, Outsourcing Company in the Philippines. (BPO)